With over half of the country claiming to be Christians, Operation World states that only .1% are evangelical believers!  What a mission field for Christ-followers - a place where there are VERY FEW Christian resources translated and few churches.  

Situated close to Italy, Hungary, Croatia, and Austria, Slovenia is primed for the Gospel message.  With over 2 million people, it is a beautiful country full of old world towns and modern cities.  Sidewalk cafes, ancient castles, and breathtaking landscapes will capture your attention as you travel the country of Slovenia.

Its great beauty and amazing people are just the top of the iceberg in Slovenia.  The people are dying to hear the Good News, and guess what?  Leveraging your native tongue of English can be the key to planting Gospel seeds!  English camps, Bible study groups, and relationship building are essential to spreading the Gospel in Slovenia.

Join us today to use your language skills to minister to the people of Europe in Slovenia!


Most of the people in Slovenia speak Slovene but you can often hear German as well.  Many people have a strong desire to learn English especially from native speakers!


Slovenia has all four seasons where the summers are very warm, and the winters are cold and full of snow!  Because of its position between the Mediterranean and the Alps, weather can change frequently and plenty of rain is expected!


Generally, groups will stay in a local bed and breakfast or hostel in the town where we will spend the majority of our time.  Accommodations are fairly modern and comfortable.  The water is also high quality and able to be consumed throughout the country.

Transportation to/from Slovenia has a myriad of possibilities including many major cities in Europe.  Every route from the U.S. requires at least one transfer of some type.  In country, rental vans and local transport are used for most of the trip.

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