Home to a population of over 29 million people, only 11% of those are evangelical Christians!  The major work in country is evangelism, church planting efforts/house churches, and ministry through an orphanage.

While the country is often a challenge travel-wise, it is also rewarding to see God at work among His people.  There is an ongoing effort to share the Gospel and establish house churches from Cusco to Cachorra.  Training ministry leaders is critical to spiritual growth and discipleship.

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Dec 15 to Dec 22

Mission Trip

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Apr 01 to Apr 08

Mission Trip

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Dec 27 to Jan 05

Orphan Care/ Evangelism/ Trekking


Cusco, with the elevation of 11316 feet,  is the gateway to the Andes Mountains.  The climate in Cusco and beyond (into the mountains) is much thinner and cooler at night.  However, the sun is also very intense when it is out.  

It rarely gets extremely hot, but Peru is known for having every type of geographic biome within its borders.  We spend a majority of our time in the Andes Mountain region.


Peruvians mainly speak Spanish although there are also two local dialects.  Quechua and Eastern Apurimac are found in rural mountain villages.


Groups will often stay at a hotel in Cusco on travel days.  A hostel or a local ministry center is the base of operation for the remainder of the trip.

Transportation is provided by the local ministry partner in the form of a bus or rental van.  Travel to/from Peru is fairly direct while in-country travel can be challenging.