Located in Central America and bordered by Mexico to the north, Guatemala is a beautiful country longing to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. From the inner city of Guatemala City to the countryside of Santiago, groups care for orphans, play basketball at a sports camp, distribute food and clothing in a village or help renovate a home. The opportunities to show the glory of Christ are endless....


The primary language spoken in Guatemala is Spanish. However, several Indian languages including Mayan are also used in the mountainous areas.


Groups travel to Guatemala via plane into Guatemala City. Then, buses or vans are used to transport teams into various villages. Lodging depends on the size of the group and time of year. Camps or retreat centers are generally the type of lodging used.


The climate of Guatemala varies greatly from the mountains to the lowlands. Generally, the climate is cool (60s-70’s) year-round. However, temperatures do soar to the 90’s in some areas and can lower to freezing up in the mountains.

Guatemala has experienced great tragedy in the last 10 years with the onslaught of several hurricanes, earthquakes and even mudslides. The remote villages have been affected the most with tremendous loss of lives and homes.

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