The third most heavily populated country in the Latin world, following Brazil and Mexico, Colombia is host to a large field of harvest and ministry. Located at the northern most part of South America, Colombia has a variety of terrain from low lands of beach country on the Pacific as well as Caribbean oceans to the dense jungles of the highlands. There are many large parts of the country that are unpopulated and remote. Colombia is suffering in many ways from years of internal strife. The past decades of civil wars, independent militia or para-military groups and drug cartels have left the country struggling to maintain daily life in its rural regions and among the nation’s poor. In addition the past has developed a great number of forgotten people hidden in rural regions of the country. The church in Colombia has been present during all of the struggle, however the primary influence has been the Catholic system of works based religion. Many organizations and churches have been working in Colombia for several years to share the Gospel and show the Gospel.

Colombia's primary language is Spanish. As is the case in most Central and South American countries there are unique dialects and phrases to the region. In addition there are indigenous languages spoken in the rural regions by people groups that remain somewhat remote from the rest of the cities and heavily populated areas in the country.

Groups travel to Colombia via plane into Bogota. Then, buses or vans are used to transport teams into various villages. Lodging depends on the size of the group and time of year. Guest houses and hotels are the most common housing option used. Camps or retreat centers are occasionally the type of lodging used.

Due to its geographical location, Colombia has a fairly stable climate within its various regions. The equator being found in the southern part of the country allows for an extended amount of exposure to the sun all year. The low lands are hot and often humid during rainy season. The highlands can have rapid temperature change as the sun fades off the horizon each day and night time falls. Two main seasons in every region are the driving forces for everyone in the country, rainy season and dry season. These two seasons each have their own challenges and struggles as everyone in each region must deal with the affects of these two extremes.

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