One Way Ministries is an IRS approved 501c3 organization. We aim to serve and glorify Christ in the way we use funds. So, whether you are sponsoring a child in Uganda or sending support to a staff member in another country or helping a participant go on a mission trip, know that your funds will be treated in a way that honors our Savior. Your funds are immediately (within 48 hours) posted to the designated account. All of our financial records are available for public viewing, so please feel free to see how your funds are used!

Donations to One Way Ministries!

One Way Ministries is a 501c3 as outlined by the IRS. All donations (whether monetary or tangible items) are fully tax deductible. Receipts for charitable contributions made are sent to donors in January following the tax year.

Fundraising Ideas

God calls us all to "go and make disciples of all nations" in Matthew 28. We believe His Word to be true, and yet we find ourselves facing obstacles along the way. One of the biggest hurdles for mission trip participants is funding! You have the desire to go and follow God's calling, but how will you raise the money to go?

We are firm believers that God is Jehovah-Jireh, and He WILL provide. Here are some ways that others have raised the funds to go on a national or international mission trip!


  1. Support Letters - "People give to vision. Give people something to be a part of. Allow them to take some ownership." Send out letters to 50-75 people/families that you know personally. In the letter, be sure to provide information on the following: where and when you are going on a trip, the group/organization you are going with on the trip, what you will be doing, the cost of the trip, how people can be involved (prayer, financial support, collecting items), how to donate, and any timeframe necessary for donations.
  2. Rock-a-thon held at your church or a local business with each person rocking in a rocking chair for a specified amount of time. Participants gather pledges based on the number of hours they can rock. This is a fun get-together and can be paired with another event (such as a dinner) to multiply the results.
  3. Wal-Mart will offer a matching grant in some areas. This one takes quite a bit of time but with little paperwork, it can be very beneficial.
  4. Pizza Hut, Beef O’Brady’s and Buffalo Wild Wings often offer a percentage of profits on some nights for participating groups or when a coupon is presented at purchase.


  1. Host a car wash. There are 2 options here: (a) Advertise a FREE car wash. Participants get pledges for number of cars washed. We have raised thousands of dollars doing this one! (b) Community Car Wash where each car is washed for a set amount of money. With either of these options, be sure to have a donations bucket so that people can donate to the mission trip!
  2. Church-wide or community dinner. Host a dinner where the ingredients are donated or bought at a discounted price (look for frugal dinners like soup/chili/spaghetti). Recruit participants to cook and serve the meal. Charge a set amount ($5, $7, $10) for the meal. Some people have also paired this with a dessert auction. Recruit the best cooks in the church to cook cakes/desserts that you can auction off to the highest bidder.
  3. Government your local government or even county government to see if there are any jobs available to groups. These jobs may include planting trees, picking up trash in a particular area, cleaning up after a parade, delivering phone books, etc.
  4. Leaf raking/snow shoveling/lawn mowing/spring cleaning for donations. Some churches have hosted an auction where students were auctioned off to do certain chores. The students would promote themselves and try to get the highest bid possible. Be sure that students do the best job possible, and this fundraiser will be a crowd-pleaser for years to come.
  5. Host a large multi-family or community-wide yard sale. Collect all types of items including furniture, household items, clothing and more. Advertise thoroughly and make sure sale is at a high-traffic location! When paired with lunch or snack items (popcorn, hamburgers, hot dogs, drinks), this can be a huge money-maker!
  6. Auctions can also be a great way to raise funds. Get local merchants, friends and family to donate items that people would be willing to bid on (vacations, meals, artwork, etc). You may either host a silent auction or have a full-blown auction with an auctioneer! This type of fundraiser also works well when paired with a dinner or dessert.


  1. Sell Dutch Mill Bulbs for a 50% profit on each product sold. Go to for more information.
  2. Partner with a Pampered Chef representative to host a kitchenware event. Go to for more information.
  3. Sell Rada Knives. Go to for details on a variety of items including - kitchen knives, utensils, gift sets, cookbooks, stoneware, soy wax candles and Quick Mixes.
  4. Meal and food sales are also effective means of raising funds. Try one of the following websites for more information:,,,
  5. Try Butter Braids for an instant hit. Go to for a delicious treat that is a hit year after year. Or you can sell Gourmet Cookie Dough-1-800-368-4543 or 1-800-347-7892
  6. Scratch-off Discount Cards can be found at
  7. Concession-type sales at a sporting or community event (may include cotton candy, snowcones, drinks, candies, etc.)
  8. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts are always a hit. Partner with a local Krispy Kreme to pre-sell doughnuts or host the sale around a large event (parade, sporting event, Black Friday).
  9. Go to for an innovative pasta fundraiser. This site features sports pasta for your favorite teams as well as holiday items.
  10. Search for a variety of items including chocolates, lollipops, and more!

There are many ways for you and or your group to earn money to fund a mission trip. Search the internet or ask friends/family for even more innovative ways to pay your way! For more ideas or information, please contact Karen Katchuk at:!