2018 Mission Trip Application

Who Will Go For Me?

As the New Testament unfolds, the early church began to experience growth due to the travels of those who called themselves Christ-followers.  Persecution, troubles, pressures from communities and local leaders all contributed to the departure of these followers to lands they did not know and cultures they had yet to learn.  Paul shows us a clear picture of the spread of the Gospel as he traveled with friends and fellow workers into various regions and cultures.

Gospel Center for Short-term Missions

For several years now I have been heavily involved in leading short-term mission trips.  Through the years much has been said about these short ventures into the mission field to work along side the local church and missionaries.  Some of this discussion has been constructive.  Most of the talk has been critical of the importance, effectiveness and even necessity of these short-term trips lately.  Throughout my ministry I have continually evaluated the process of ministry based on a few critical elements of faith I learned early in my journey.


(Mrs. Mary investing in lives on the Navajo Rez in New Mexico)