There is a day that every one of us approaches in our journey in this life when we realize the overwhelming truth of our lostness before a Holy God who has pronounced His judgment on sin!  Yes this thought is more than we can bear in our own strength.  The fact that the sin in our hearts is enough to send us to hell for eternity.  Even without our sinful thought becoming a sinful act in this world, our rebellion against a holy God is enough to eternally separate us from our creator.  The lostness of our soul from God in our unrepentant state is a reality that sends us into a tailspin from which we can never recover!

But then, the amazing grace of our Lord enters into our lives through the kindness of the Father through the truth of the Gospel.  Jesus comes to us and invites us to take on His burden in exchange for Him taking on our burden of sin and the debt that goes with our sinful heart!  You and I have had this incredible truth revealed to us and most of us have responded by saying yes to the grace God offers...yes, I'd rather have Jesus!

We read in the Gospels the Parable of the Sower, and some of you have noticed this parable is found in a few places ( Matt. 13, Mark 4, Luke 8) in the Gospel accounts.  When seen once in the Scripture I should pay attention.  When found more than once in the Scriptures I should really pay attention.  When found several times in the Scriptures I should do all I can to get it!  These accounts of this parable all recount the Savior's words almost verbatim.  It is the worries of this world, the desire for other things and the deceitfulness of wealth that cause a seed to be choked out by the thorns and weeds!  This reminds me that even when I choose Jesus and receive the gift of grace that comes from His amazing act of redemption, I can still fail to "have" Jesus.

As this new year begins I want to challenge you to consider this reality in a unique way.  You and I have the opportunity to weekly listen to great preaching and teaching, worship with all of the latest technology that makes it easy to enjoy our experiences at church and reap the benefits of this first world church experience.  We gather weekly for a time of fellowship, sharing and challenge that involves very little real sacrifice on our part and actually involves a great deal of hope and uplifting elements in the whole experience.  I am grateful for the time the Father has given to me among the host of believers like this weekly throughout my life.  I must, however, ask is this all He has for me?

You and I know this is not what the experience of the church around the world is like each time a gathering takes place.  We know that struggle, suffering and often times sacrifice is associated with the weekly gathering of believers more often than that of comfort and peace in their surroundings.  The peace that comes to many Christ-followers around the world is in fact in direct opposition to the reality of their suffering and struggle to simply live this life of a disciple of Jesus.  And yet, their answer remains the same, "I'd rather have Jesus than anything!"

This new year brings much hope.  The hope of a new year to invest in the lives around us with truth and hope. The hope of a new year to deepen the relationship I have with the Savior and grow in my understanding of Him and His will for my life.  The hope of a new year to better understand and become involved in the global church as I seek to connect to others around the world who are following this same Jesus into a hope of eternity that is daily becoming more clear and more exciting with each new struggle, victory and truth!

In 2014 the church in Guatemala is going to grow in amazing ways!  I know this to be true because I have seen His promises and believe He is at work among a people who desperately need His hope and life.  I know this is going to happen because I have seen His amazing grace at work in preparing the field for harvest.  I know this is going to happen because I have seen the changed hearts of a community begin to choose Jesus!

The mission church in Sajcavilla, Guatemala has a great future and a hope that will not disappoint.  The Lord has provided land for a secure location to base all of its work and ministry.  The Lord is opening doors of opportunity and ministry among the children and families of this community.  It is obvious His hand is on the church there in that community.  The hope of Jesus is ringing out through the air in this community with the incredible truth of His redemption and His salvation.  Jesus is becoming a reality to many in this community and He is going to change lives.

I have seen God at work...I have heard His invitation to get involved with Him in His work...I have felt the urgency of my brothers and sisters who are serving on the ground in this missional church...I have heard the Holy Spirit speak to me about this eternal hope of glory that is free to all who will call on His name...I have heard His request for me to adjust my life in order to go with Him into all the world, in this place...The only remaining question is will I adjust my life to go with God into this field of harvest and serve along side the local church in Guatemala to reach, reap and teach?  I have said as you have said, "I'd rather have Jesus,"  will you now take this Jesus into the field of harvest and help the children of Sajcavilla say the same thing?  Will you step out of your comfort and become crucified for His name's sake?  Will you venture out of the first world you know and join the incredible movement taking place all over the globe among the poor, the desperate, the forgotten and carry the hope of an eternal Savior ion the cultures and communities in need of Jesus?  I'd rather have Jesus than anything is what the song says, is this true of our hearts today?  Will we respond to the need and go join the local church in that forgotten corner of the world to help realize the plan of our Savior of the whole world hearing the Good News?

 Reach the World and Teach His Word today!

I'd rather have Jesus than silver or gold
I'd rather, rather have Him than riches untold
I'd rather have Jesus than houses or land
I'd rather be led by His nail-pierced hands

Than to be king of the vast domains
Than to held in sins dread sway
I'd rather have Jesus than anything
This world can afford today

I'd rather have Jesus than man's applause
See, I'd rather be faithful to His dear cause
Oh, I'd rather have my Jesus than all the worldwide fame
Yes, I'd rather be true to His holy, His holy name

Than to be the king of a vast domain
Than be held in sins dread sway
Oh, I'd rather have You, Jesus than anything
This world can afford to day, oh yes

I'd rather have Jesus than anything
This world can afford, can afford today

I just love Him
I love you Lord more than anything, anything

I'd rather have Jesus than man's applause
See, I'd rather be faithful to His dear cause
Oh, I'd rather have my Jesus than all the worldwide fame
Yes, I'd rather be true to His holy, His holy name

Than to be the king of a vast domain
Than be held in sins dread sway
Oh, I'd rather have You, Jesus than anything
This world can afford to be

You see, I'd rather have my Jesus
He's been good to me
I'd rather have my Jesus than any, than anything
This world can afford today
I love You
Written by:  Rhea Miller / George Beverly Shea

2014 Opportunities to Serve alongside the church in Guatemala:
 March 22-29
May 24-31
May 31-June 7
July 26-Aug 2
November 1-8

In His Grip,

Over the course of my faith journey I have heard many messages and teachings on the importance of the basics.  I learned early in my journey the importance of spending time alone with the Lord.  I learned about simple Bible study methods as I grew in understanding of the Word.  I gained skills in basic Bible interpretation and even in how to break down a passage to study it more thoroughly.  I have learned the basic plans of salvation and the simple model prayer.

I have had the opportunity to learn these basics from some Godly men and women along this faith journey.  God has brought some incredible people into my life through the years and I owe a great deal of my understanding of the basics to those who selflessly taught me how to walk this journey.  Many of them I feel did not realize how much they impacted my life with their words and example.  I would venture to say that that is the story of many of us today.

Many people have been a part of this journey of faith yet few really know the impact they have had on us specifically.  This year is a good time to change that!  I realize that one of the reasons that we need each other in this journey is for the encouragement.  This road can get rough at times and even sometimes seems unbearable alone!  Yet, we have been given the Body to help encourage us and strengthen us and challenge us to grow beyond today.

As 2014 kicks off, I challenge you to remember the basics you have learned from those who were faithful mentors, teachers, and shepherds for your growing soul.  Remember the simple truths that are the foundation of your faith.  Recall those primary issues that are still just as critical today for your faith as they were the first time you learned them.  Spend time with the Father every day.  Read His Word searching for the truth He has provided in His Word.  Share this journey with others as you struggle and as you find victory.  We all need each other to faithfully remain where we need to be.  Talk often of His goodness and His greatness.  Teach others the truths that you have learned.  Share the hope of the Gospel regularly.  Show the Gospel as often as possible so the Lord can meet people where they are in His kindness through your acts of love and kindness.  Celebrate often the victories won and the future victory we all will gain one day!

Think back to where you have come from.  Look forward into the glorious future He has set before us.  Act today like one of the King's kids who has been blessed beyond measure for the sake of those who need to see His glory and His goodness as He uses you to show the hope of the Gospel to a desperate world looking for hope!  Join me in 2014 and lets go back to the basics of faith and live like we expect His return to be very soon!

In His Grip,

The new year has begun and many of us are in the midst of planning the year's activities for our personal, work, and family calendars.  As you work on the dates and details of the coming year, let me challenge you to consider your ministry calendar as well!

Beginning the new year is always a challenging thing to do with all of the high hopes and lofty resolutions that we make for the future.  We all seem to put the past year behind us and dream of fulfilling the ideals and goals that are weighing heavy on our minds and hearts.  As you search through those goals, let me ask you to consider a very important goal we all should set before ourselves.  How will the Lord of the harvest use me this year to impact the Kingdom of God         from my front door to the far edges of the world?

I do not know how you operate within your conscious world, but I tend to need real tangible action points in order to follow through with the goals I set for myself.  These tangible action points usually include immediate things to do that help me move quickly toward the goals.  If you find yourself in that same situation, then join me in 2014 as we respond quickly to needs and opportunities in the year.

January 17-20 we have an opportunity to help in the Birmingham, AL area with showing the Gospel through some construction work for a family in need.  The weekend is primarily focused on assisting a local ministry with a project that is one of many they have for which they need help with in touching the lives of  families who have physical needs.  We are hoping to encourage the local ministries we partner with and help show the kindness of the Father with our hands and feet as we carry the Gospel to our own community here in Birmingham.  The more people we have join us the greater the impact we can have on the people who have needs and the more we help a local ministry press on in their calling!

March 22-29 we have two trips you can join that will impact cross-culturally, lives in need of hope.  One team will be heading to New Mexico to work alongside our partners at Tohatchi Baptist Church and Pastor Aaron Jim with some construction work as well as some community outreach.  The winters are very hard in this part of New Mexico, especially among the Navajo people who struggle to survive economically.  We will focus on helping Pastor Aaron minister to the communities surrounding the church with repair work on homes, food and wood distribution and outreach events to encourage the church and reach the community.

In addition that same week, March 22-29, we have a team forming to go to Guatemala and work alongside Pastor Morales, Greg and Kathy Brown and the faith family at New Jerusalen Church and the mission church in Sajcavilla.  This trip is a women's trip with a focus on children's ministry, home visits and women's ministry events alongside the local churches.  This trip is a strong annual trip where we have seen a great deal of response to the Gospel and growth with our partners.

These three opportunities are early in the year and provide an opportunity for that tangible action point to a commitment to follow His leading into the harvest field.  As you read through this today, will you pause and ask the Father if He would lead you to join one of these teams today!  Yes, right now you can take a step toward fulfilling that resolution to be more involved in showing and sharing the Gospel.  Early in your year you can invest in another context and allow the blessings and the challenges that come from serving within the atmosphere of Biblical community and Gospel advancement.  Contact us today for more information or to commit to joining a team to serve right here in Birmingham, across the country in New Mexico or in Guatemala.  Join us early in the year and see how God uses the time in the field to deepen your passion for the harvest that is right around you.  Allow the Father to strengthen your faith in Him and clarify the direction He has for the coming days as you serve the Kingdom with your gifts and abilities.  Don't wait, get involved today and take that first step toward reaching the world today!  

In His Grip,

Over the past few weeks we have been asked about what is up with the Birmingham plans for 2014.  As we have been discussing and planning the details of the upcoming year, I thought I would share with you all the ideas and plans behind the addition of a new site to our annual trip schedule.  I hope this answers many of the questions and also gets many of you involved with us in our own backyard!

For the first five or six years of One Way Ministries, we focused completely on local and domestic missional efforts.  I have for years and still to this day, operated out of a strong concept of working in my own backyard first as I make my way into the "utter most parts of the earth!"  Some of you have been with me as I have explained the scenario that drives this idea.  As we serve in other contexts around the world and in other cultures, the question always is asked at some point, "How does this work in your community?"  As you can imagine the question on the mind of a ministry partner in another context is whether or not this is the same ministry work being done by the US church in their own communities?  The struggle for many is that the local work of ministry in our own backyards is not nearly as romantic or glamorous.  The pictures from the far reaches of the world seem to tug at the heart strings so much more and the willingness to GO and serve in a foreign context seems to be so much "easier."  Yet, right here in our own backyards, the world has come to see and hear!

You and I both know that the majority of the church is specifically planted in their home context to fulfill the function of the local church within that community.  Yes, the primary function of the local church is to evangelize its own community.  Steve Saint in his book The Great Omission, clarifies the role of mission as opposed to the local church well.  His perspective is that the local church is to reach its community with the gospel.  The role of the para-church or mission team is to assist in getting the church into the communities where it does not exist.  Based on this understanding of the role of the local church, we all should be heavily investing in the reaching of our world that lives right around us as a priority in our daily walk of faith!

In order to return to the roots of our ministry passion and to be obedient to the call of God, we are returning to Birmingham as a ministry to work alongside the local church in missional efforts across the city.  Currently there are several efforts underway serving the Birmingham community in meeting physical and spiritual needs as an act of showing the Gospel.  In 2014 we will partner with several ministry efforts in the city to assist in sharing and showing the Gospel among the communities of Birmingham.  Much of the work to be done immediately is construction related with projects in various areas for those in need.  We have a large population of elderly and widows who are in need of help and we as the church should be the ones they can depend on to help!

Our plans for 2014 are to partner with Hearts in Hands, a local ministry seeking to meet construction needs in the communities surrounding Birmingham.  We are also partnering with a ministry of Christ Church Birmingham called the Eastlake Initiative to assist in home reconstruction, community outreach and ministry effort to local families.   In addition to these two ministry efforts we will connect with many others serving the communities around Birmingham to offer a wide variety of opportunities to get involved in local missional efforts.

We have two main objectives for this opportunity of serving in 2014.  First we hope to encourage the local church to get involved locally with ministry and mission efforts in our backyard.  There are many things going on and more projects than can be accomplished that need attention.  We as the local church need to step up and get busy working together in our own backyard reaching the world and teaching the Word!  The second objective is to invite churches from outside our community to join us in Birmingham and see how to discover, connect and impact local ministry and missional efforts back in their home communities. Through partnerships with local churches and time working alongside leaders within these churches who are serving in their own backyard, we hope to encourage, challenge and assist Christ-followers from outside of Birmingham to get involved in their home community.  We will seek to foster Biblical community while serving together here in Birmingham in hopes that the Body will connect in many other cities and the church will become the source of hope and encouragement to cities across the nation.

We Are The Body!  It is the way we love each other that will allow others to see the Gospel alive and active within our lives.  It is the living Body of Christ, loving each other and those around us that causes the lost soul to sense God's kindness that draws them to a place of repentance!

We are currently seeking to build teams to serve the weekend of January 17-20, 2014.  We have a few other dates during the year we are planning to serve Birmingham that will be finalized as we work out details during the weekend in January.  Our goal is to have an exciting weekend of ministry, mission and building of Biblical community.  If you are local, you can be involved with us right form the comfort of your own bed!  The schedule during the weekend will allow you to be at home each night and serve alongside the teams during the days as we tackle some projects, build some relationships and serve the community.  If you are from outside of Birmingham, we are seeking to house out of town teams within the communities we are serving, alongside those who have invested their lives in the communities through ministry and mission.  Contact us at for more information or to reserve a spot on a team for January!

Join us for this exciting time of serving, showing and sharing!
All trips will include meals, leadership, supplies, t-shirt, and materials.
Out of town teams' housing will be included.
Trip costs are: Local - $95 per person, Out of Town - $125 per person.
$25 per person deposit prior to Dec. 31, 2013, $50per person deposit Jan. 1-10, 2014.  

As many of those who follow our ministry know we have been investing deeply in a relationship the church in Guatemala for over four years now.  The days have been very productive in establishing a strong mutually beneficial partnership.  This is a critical step in establishing a long-term partnership on the field.  Pastor Morales and the faith family at Iglesia Jerusalen have been wonderful teachers and friends in the process of learning the culture and establishing a vision for long-term impact.  The first week of this month we were blessed with an awesome medical team from several locations that came together to provide our smoothest most efficient clinic ever!  The clinic included medical professionals from the US as well as Guatemala. We also enjoyed several non-medical professionals who jumped into their areas of gifting and blew the doors off with amazing organization and over-the-top service to a people desperate for hope and care.

While on the ground we were able to walk and pray over a piece of land that the Lord has shown Pastor Morales and us as an excellent location to establish a long-term work through the mission church in Sajcavilla.    We have been seeking the Lord's direction for over a year about a permanent home for the church and a place to establish a feeding center for the community.  The Lord has provided!  We currently have the money pledged to help the church buy land for the permanent home for the mission church and begin a feeding center in Sajcavilla!

Jesus shared with us in the Gospels that He did not come for those who were well but for those who were sick.  He clearly came to pour into the lives of those who need nourishment and hope that comes from an eternal hope that does not disappoint!  I am excited about the days ahead in Guatemala.  The hope of a permanent location for the church to establish a long-term ministry in Sajcavilla and the future feeding of thousands in that Mayan village is truly a dream that is coming true.  God has been weighing our hearts down with the need for food, teaching and showing the Gospel in this community since we first walked among the homes in 2009.  Today we see His hand at work in bringing this vision of hope to reality.

We will not be able to do this alone!  We need your help.  Just as we have been dependent upon your support through prayer and finances up to this point, we need you even more now!  The future is exciting.  The reality of long-term impact is upon us.  Now we whom God has blessed with the excesses of His blessings will need to be sacrificial with our giving to fulfill the hope of impacting a people group with the truth of the Gospel through food, worship, teaching and the planting of the Word in this community.

Will you begin to pray now about how the Father wants you involved in the exciting days ahead in Guatemala.  We will need prayer support as decisions need to made and plans begin to become reality.  We will need financial support to progress into the new day of long-term ministry the Lord is inviting us to get involved with as He reaches a people in Sajcavilla.  We will need teams to go to Guatemala and help us build, develop and serve the community.  We will need servants to continue to carry the Word into the homes as we make home visits and spread the Gospel message across the community.  We will need teams to go and teach the children in the local schools the Word and continue to establish a foundation of truth among the future generation of Mayan young people.  We need soccer players to help us establish a soccer clinic this summer for the schools and play the local teenagers as an example of the grace and goodness of God in the area of sports.  We need men to journey with us into homes and share with the men of the community the value of Godly dads and the hope that brings to a family as the dads follow the Lord.  We need young people who will serve as interns to go and invest some time in the future leaders and partners from within the churches to help us establish a leadership base for the future.  And on and on the list goes of what we need from you!

You see the Lord opens doors for His church to share in the ministry of reconciliation throughout the world.  When He shows you what He is doing in a particular place, that is His invitation for you to get involved with Him in His work!  So, we have some exciting days ahead in Guatemala...will you join us as we follow Him into Sajcavilla?  Will you get involved in impacting a community, long-term with the truth of the Gospel?  Will you pray with us for the Lord of the harvest to send workers into the field to bring in the harvest that is ripe and ready!  Come on, lets reach the world and teach His Word in Guatemala!

In His Grip,

This past week our medical mission team in Guatemala experienced some awesome events during our time in Sajcavilla.  Jerry Flummer, chairman of our board, along with Josh and Ashley Pigford from Birmingham, brought clear vision to hundreds of people as they led our eye care room.  Watching them work and seeing the faces of those coming out of their room was a true blessing!

So many times in the field we find situations and circumstances that overwhelm us.  We so often have very little to offer the family or individual that will affect their daily struggles in this life.  The weight of the struggles we see is very heavy at times and the opportunity to truly impact the daily life is so limited at times, we think maybe it is not work it.  Yet, the events of this past week allowed me to see a fresh new perspective on this whole idea.  
You see this week several men came in to the eye care room who could not even see the chart!  Yes, you read that right.  The big E at 20+ feet was not even clear enough to distinguish.  Over and over I watched Jerry patiently consider whether he could actually help them or not.  In our first world culture we would have said there is nothing I can do to help you.  Your situation needs a doctor or something we do not have.  Although that was not what Jerry did!  
Jerry patiently sat these gentlemen down and proceeded to improve their sight as much as he could.  He would work with them, and ask questions and seek to clear it all up as much as he could.  Josh and Ashley would build a pair of glasses or fit them with readers that made the most improvement possible.  Amazingly these men would shuffle out of the room with a new pair of glasses, not seeing everything perfectly, but seeing more clearly than they came in.  They were happy and very thankful for the limited sight they had and now it was greatly improved.  
How often do we discuss with the creator of the universe the challenges we face because we do not understand "clearly" His will for our lives?  Have you found yourself complaining to Him because you do not see clearly?  Our Father has promised each of us a life full of excitement and fulfillment if we will trust and obey!  You see there is no other way to see clearly than to see what He shows us.  It may not be the full picture.  We may not see the end result or the impact of our actions on everyone around us.  It is possible that our sight may be limited.  Yet, His will is perfect.  His desire for you and for me, is to trust Him with all our heart, even when we can't trace His hand!  
As I watched the work God was doing through our eye care team I was reminded that many times my vision is limited.  I may not ever really see clearly the whole picture.  But my Father is trying with patience and understanding, to improve my vision for His glory.  Am I willing to accept His will and His ways as my full vision.  You see, there is coming a day when, as the song goes,  "my faith becomes sight."
God so desires to use you right now right where you are to impact others' lives with the hope of the Gospel.  Don't waste the life you have wishing for more, hoping for clarity, waiting to see the whole picture clearly!  Now is the best you may see.  Right now is the time he has for you to serve Him with faith sight...not always eye sight!  Are you willing to serve people in a way today that improves their sight?  Will those who cross your path today see Him more clearly as a result of being in relationship with you today?  Will you take the vision you have and seek Him with all your heart in expectation of Him showing you Himself in a real and personal way?  Come on and stop trying so hard to make it all work out in your head and trust your heart as He guides you through His Spirit to see people the way He sees them.  Love with all your heart...even when you can't see the whole picture.  Serve with everything you have...even when it does not seem to make a difference from your perspective.  Follow Him today even if you must close your eyes and fall into His arms so He can carry you through the fire!  Don't waste your best life now...Live for Him and Love for His Glory!  
"Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him." Psalm 34:8

On a day when the great land of the USA seems to be more confused about where its heading than ever before, I want to recommit to living a life on mission for the King!  We live here in the US without a realistic understanding of a king in our daily lives.  In fact we look at other lands with a royal family or kings and queens as somewhat less capable than our form of government.  And then today happens and we wonder what is really going on and what is going to happen in the coming days?  The future of the US and the security of this way of life we have lived for most of our lives is quickly being stripped away.  Our loyalty to a central leader or leadership has long been a thing of the past.  And today we have less confidence in even those we chose to lead us than ever before.  

Yet, there is this King who remains the same in the midst of every element of chaos and confusion.  There is this King who has promised to finish what He started in us.  There is a King who is worthy of all of our allegiance and trust and hope.  There is a King whose words are truth and whose character is holy and whose purposes are just.  Yes we have a King and His name is the name above all names and His ways are above all ways and His Word will forever remain absolute truth!
Today, as we search for peace in the midst of the unsettled days in this country I think we need to renew our understanding of the King.  I recall a time when what the Bible had to say to me was more quickly desired than what I could find by searching the internet.  I remember a day when the time I spent with the Father was not interrupted by a FB update or a twitter post notification on my phone.  I remember when the cool weather of fall brought an excitement of revival in the air at church and many were soon to experience freedom through salvation in the middle of hopeless times.  I do remember a day when my desire to serve others was stronger than my concern for what the market was going to do with my retirement funds!  
Yes, there was a day in each of our lives when we found ourselves lost in the mission for the King and allowed no thought of this world's demands to derail our efforts.  Each of you reading this blog post who call yourself a Christ-follower, remembers a day, week, month, or more when you were so dialed into His will for your life and His purpose of serving those around you that nothing seemed to matter except His mission.  That joy and satisfaction found in Him is what we all strive to recapture with every new day we walk this journey.  The issue often is, at least for me, I have taken my eyes off the King and am looking around at the circumstances of life that overwhelm me with despair and hopelessness.  If you will be honest with me, many of you sense the same issue in life from time to time as we walk this road.  How do we sustain the closeness?  How do we remain focused on the mission?  How do we stay engaged in the mission? 
Henry Blackaby in Experiencing God shares that we must "orient our lives to God."  I believe that is the key to remaining on mission.  If you and I will arrange our lives in such a way as to see every step we take, every decision we are offered, every conversation we have is orchestrated by the King to further His purposes and His ways for the sake of the mission, well then we will live a life ON MISSION FOR THE KING!  The goal is to focus on Him and His relationship with us as a child of the King serving His agenda in this world for the hope of sharing the truth of His Gospel with everyone we come in contact with.  
I recall the days of revival in the fall of the year and how much of our conversation was about Him.  You see I think we have filled our conversations with things of this world more than the things of the King!  We all have discussed the latest posts or breaking news with more passion than the glorious appearing that is approaching when Jesus comes to get His Bride!  We need to get back to those days where the primary discussions we have are about His purposes and His ways among this world.  We need to talk about what He is doing around us and how He is transforming lives on a daily basis as we walk together in this amazing grace journey of faith. 
So, whose with me?  Let's not look to the situation of this economy, or the shutdown or the status of the market at the moment.  Let us all with a common mind seek to live this day on mission for the King!  Let us seek to love like Jesus would love and serve like Jesus would serve and speak like Jesus would speak with boldness and confidence in the message of the King who is Truth and worthy of all I have to offer Him!  Let us all live a life on mission for the King! 
In His Grip,

I am not sure if you have experienced this amazing thing that God has done for us!  This weekend the rain came and as many others I spent my Saturday inside most all day.  Now thankfully there were a few football games to occupy my time and some awesome rest for the family that we all needed.  As I walked in and out of the house a few times on Saturday I could not help but feel the weight of the clouds and rain that seemed to blanket the entire sky.

But then the evening came and the clouds began to break up a bit and the sun poked through right at the end of the day.  This scene of brilliant colors and hopeful sunsets seems to do something to me.  After a few glimpses of this beautiful site I quickly forgot the image and move on to the next order of business...another game and some good food with the family.

But then Sunday morning burst into my life!
Sunday morning I woke up and began to prepare for the day.  My usual routine somewhat disrupted by struggles in the house with poor sleep and little ears that seem to not hear instructions.  After a tough morning getting ready to ride to church, I sat in the truck driving with the kids in the car singing crazily and was abruptly reminded of the effects of the rain.

Some photographer friends of mine have shared that the best time to take pictures is after a heavy rain.  This was never more evident to me than Sunday morning as I drove to church thinking through all the stuff of the day.  The air was clear and just a bit cooler than normal.  The trees seemed a bit greener.  The sky a bit bluer than before.  A freshness in the air that was just a little better than the previous day.  Everything seemed to be a little clearer after the rain!

As I sit this morning to write I am thankful for the clear after the rain.  So many times in my life the rain has seemed more than I can handle.  The weight of the circumstances of life sometimes feel so heavy that nothing can ever lift the burden off my shoulders and I feel like I will go down.  But then the morning comes!    The morning brings a fresh new look at the day and clear air that seems to lift the burdens of daily life just a little to reveal something vital to the journey.  As I am able to peek out from under the burden of this life just a bit I am reminded of this incredible joy that flooded my soul in my days past.  I am reminded of this overwhelming joy that once captured my heart's affection and my minds attention.  I am reminded of this amazing Grace that is holding up the burdens of my life and actually carrying the weight of my struggles!  Yes, the Lord Jesus today is the one who is carrying my burdens. And every now and then I get a glimpse of the clear after the rain as the burden is lifted and my sight becomes clearer as my faith opens my eyes to truth.  Yes, He is right there with me in every step of this journey.  He is my Rock and my Redeemer!  He is the very life that is flowing through my body!  And it is He, the Lord Jesus who is with me in every step of this journey.

As the clouds clear and the rain stops and the blue sky bursts into sight...will you rejoice with me this day for the Lord reigns and will never ever change!  He is the Rock of our salvation and the Redeemer of our soul!  Jesus is the "I AM" that is ever holding our hands in every situation and in every struggle to help us press on toward the prize that has been set before us.  So, that together with the Saints we will receive one day what God has in store for us all at the table of feasting in HIM.  Oh what a glorious day that is coming when we shall see Him face to face and know that every step of the journey was worth every amount of struggle, pain and suffering!  He is worthy, the Lamb is worthy...Come let us rejoice together as He leads us homeward through this day.  The rain is gone and the sky is clear, soak up His glorious presence in your life and press on!

In His Grip!

The need for help around the world seems to continue to grow with every passing day.  Thousands and thousands of people in every country seem to struggle daily with medical conditions and physical pains that overwhelm their daily lives.  Every single day children die around the world because they simply do not have access to simple medicines and care.  Day after day people all over the globe struggle to find any hope at all in the midst of their pain and suffering.  
In Matthew chapter nine we read of Jesus responding to the religious leaders of the day about the sick before Him.  He, while sitting among the tax collectors, shared the truth that it is not the well or healthy that need a doctor but the sick who are in need of a doctor.  We are to follow His example as He went into the world where the sick of heart are living with no hope!  It is up to those of us with a Hope that does not disappoint, to go to those who are hopeless and share the Hope of Jesus with them.  Often times to share the truth of this hope with someone who is hurting you must first address the pain in their life.  In November, we here at One Way are leading a medical team into a hurting world among the Mayan people of Guatemala.  There are many who are sick and in need of medical attention.  We are leading a team that will address the needs among the community in order to open their ears up to the truth of the Gospel.  Last year we saw many turn their lives from the hopeless life they were living to a life of hope found in Jesus.  Our goal  this year is to expand that impact of the local mission church into more homes and lives as we meet physical need and share spiritual hope.  
We are still looking for a few more medical staff to join us on this trip to insure adequate coverage and treatment of everyone who will come.  We need two more doctors, four more nurses/EMT and an optometrist.  We would benefit from an additional dentist and dental assistant as well as a few more folks willing to assist in simple ways as support.  We will present the Gospel personally to every person who comes through the clinic.  The local church will work along side our team to build relationships with those who come and find hope in the Gospel and find healing in the hands of Jesus as medical professionals use their talents and gifts to minister to the hurting bodies.  We will pour into the lives of women and men, children and teenagers throughout the week as the Lord draws many who are hurting and seeking the touch of the Master!  
What about joining us for this awesome trip into the field of harvest?  The Lord taught His disciples to pray for the Lord of the harvest to send workers into the field to work the field for the harvest is ready.  Will you go with us into a field that has been prepared by the local church and the Master farmer, ready to be harvested by the workers who will obey and go when He calls?  We need you to join us and reach the world with the truth of His Word and teach the Word to those who are desperate for the whole truth of the Gospel.  Join us November 2-9 as we carry hope into Sacjavilla, Guatemala and work along side the local church to bring in a harvest and care for the hurting!  
For more information or to join the team, !   

Many of you reading this will have already received an email or some other form of communication from the ministry concerning the urgent need for the daycare ministry at New Jerusalen Church in Guatemala.  However, I thought it best to add to the plea through this avenue as the need is urgent and very important for us to draw together support for this vital ministry.

For a number of years now our partner church in Guatemala, New Jerusalen Church in Los Pinos has been offering a free daycare to members of the community.  The opportunity to impact young mother's lives and families' futures has been an incredible opportunity the Lord has provided the church and its leadership.  Through this ministry, several families who were on the edge of falling apart, have been able to remain together and regain a solid position of providing for themselves following crisis or loss.  Some families have been able to rebuild their lives in a way as to no longer need the daycare to provide the needed care for their children as they are able to provide school fees and jobs have become more stable.

This ministry has seen some tough days recently.  The government, in an effort to improve the lives of everyone in  the country, has raised the base level of required pay for workers in every area of the country. Even though this is a ministry of the church and does not fall under the new guidelines, the church has sought to take care of the workers within the context of their living conditions and needs.  The increases in wages has increased the cost of living for some of the workers in a way that has caused some strain on the current budget of the daycare.  In addition the needs of the daycare have continually increased without the church passing those increases on to those like our ministry who seek to support and assist.

The increases have become more than the church can carry at this time.  We are seeking partners to join us in securing the future of this vital ministry of the church and providing for the families in need in the Los Pinos community surrounding the church.  This daycare is also serving as a model for our development of an additional daycare in the Sajcavilla area through the Lantana Mission Church.

As you pray for the leadership of the church, our full-time staff ( Greg and Kathy Brown) on the ground in Guatemala and the support team through One Way Ministries, please pray for the Lord to show us His plan for this daycare and His provision for its needs.  We are praying for the Lord to raise up additional supporters for the daycare itself as well as for individual families and children who attend.  Will you pray with us that God will show us His provision and how best as a ministry to support and encourage this vital ministry through New Jerusalen Church.  

Thank you for praying with us and seeking the Father's heart concerning this matter.  We look forward to watching His hand at work through the Body as He directs this ministry effort in Guatemala!

In His Grip,
JT Turner

If you have questions, would like more information or want to join the support team for this area of ministry you may contact us through the website or email or