We are people who make plans. Plans for ourselves, our family, our jobs, finances and our time. But many times our plans don’t work out, they fall apart and leave us frustrated. Circumstances change for us and sometimes these changes are painful. On many occasions we get overwhelmed with it all. 
As believers, we know that we will have disappointments, broken dreams, people who don’t like us or people who challenge who we are. Satan delights in this because it is at these times, we get discouraged and do not move forward with the plan that God has for us. If he can get us to focus on what is wrong instead of what is right, he has won. 
Everyone will face this at some time but through it all, we are reminded that He is faithful. His character is always the same. He is sovereign and in control and will be lovingly working everything for His plan. We can be confident that He is always taking care of us. What a blessed assurance to know that He has our back!
Deuteronomy 7:9, tells us that Christ is a faithful God who keeps his promises and lavishes his unfailing love on those who love him and obey his commands. 
Christ loves us and knows all about us, including our every need, thought, weakness and strength. He even knows the desires of our heart for the past, present and future. He is unchanging, and he is faithful. We can rest on what he says, to be true. 
Jeremiah 29:11, reminds us that He knows the plans He has for us. Plans to prosper us and not to harm us. Plans to give us hope and a future! 
We serve an awesome God! Stop what you're doing today and praise Him for his love, and the glorious path He has prepared for you. Take time to notice the people He places in your path. There are people that need to hear about Him, and Christ knows you are the person to do that. Remember, that along the way people will be looking to you for wisdom and direction. Our attitude could make or break their coming to Christ. Our attitude determines everything. What we say, how we think and how we act determines how we live our life and if we are going to allow Satan to stop us in our tracks or Christ to move us forward. We must think like Jesus thinks and focus on His word. 
God Bless each one of you.
Karen Katchuk
Director of Team Development
One Way Ministries