The need for help around the world seems to continue to grow with every passing day.  Thousands and thousands of people in every country seem to struggle daily with medical conditions and physical pains that overwhelm their daily lives.  Every single day children die around the world because they simply do not have access to simple medicines and care.  Day after day people all over the globe struggle to find any hope at all in the midst of their pain and suffering.  
In Matthew chapter nine we read of Jesus responding to the religious leaders of the day about the sick before Him.  He, while sitting among the tax collectors, shared the truth that it is not the well or healthy that need a doctor but the sick who are in need of a doctor.  We are to follow His example as He went into the world where the sick of heart are living with no hope!  It is up to those of us with a Hope that does not disappoint, to go to those who are hopeless and share the Hope of Jesus with them.  Often times to share the truth of this hope with someone who is hurting you must first address the pain in their life.  In November, we here at One Way are leading a medical team into a hurting world among the Mayan people of Guatemala.  There are many who are sick and in need of medical attention.  We are leading a team that will address the needs among the community in order to open their ears up to the truth of the Gospel.  Last year we saw many turn their lives from the hopeless life they were living to a life of hope found in Jesus.  Our goal  this year is to expand that impact of the local mission church into more homes and lives as we meet physical need and share spiritual hope.  
We are still looking for a few more medical staff to join us on this trip to insure adequate coverage and treatment of everyone who will come.  We need two more doctors, four more nurses/EMT and an optometrist.  We would benefit from an additional dentist and dental assistant as well as a few more folks willing to assist in simple ways as support.  We will present the Gospel personally to every person who comes through the clinic.  The local church will work along side our team to build relationships with those who come and find hope in the Gospel and find healing in the hands of Jesus as medical professionals use their talents and gifts to minister to the hurting bodies.  We will pour into the lives of women and men, children and teenagers throughout the week as the Lord draws many who are hurting and seeking the touch of the Master!  
What about joining us for this awesome trip into the field of harvest?  The Lord taught His disciples to pray for the Lord of the harvest to send workers into the field to work the field for the harvest is ready.  Will you go with us into a field that has been prepared by the local church and the Master farmer, ready to be harvested by the workers who will obey and go when He calls?  We need you to join us and reach the world with the truth of His Word and teach the Word to those who are desperate for the whole truth of the Gospel.  Join us November 2-9 as we carry hope into Sacjavilla, Guatemala and work along side the local church to bring in a harvest and care for the hurting!  
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