On a day when the great land of the USA seems to be more confused about where its heading than ever before, I want to recommit to living a life on mission for the King!  We live here in the US without a realistic understanding of a king in our daily lives.  In fact we look at other lands with a royal family or kings and queens as somewhat less capable than our form of government.  And then today happens and we wonder what is really going on and what is going to happen in the coming days?  The future of the US and the security of this way of life we have lived for most of our lives is quickly being stripped away.  Our loyalty to a central leader or leadership has long been a thing of the past.  And today we have less confidence in even those we chose to lead us than ever before.  

Yet, there is this King who remains the same in the midst of every element of chaos and confusion.  There is this King who has promised to finish what He started in us.  There is a King who is worthy of all of our allegiance and trust and hope.  There is a King whose words are truth and whose character is holy and whose purposes are just.  Yes we have a King and His name is the name above all names and His ways are above all ways and His Word will forever remain absolute truth!
Today, as we search for peace in the midst of the unsettled days in this country I think we need to renew our understanding of the King.  I recall a time when what the Bible had to say to me was more quickly desired than what I could find by searching the internet.  I remember a day when the time I spent with the Father was not interrupted by a FB update or a twitter post notification on my phone.  I remember when the cool weather of fall brought an excitement of revival in the air at church and many were soon to experience freedom through salvation in the middle of hopeless times.  I do remember a day when my desire to serve others was stronger than my concern for what the market was going to do with my retirement funds!  
Yes, there was a day in each of our lives when we found ourselves lost in the mission for the King and allowed no thought of this world's demands to derail our efforts.  Each of you reading this blog post who call yourself a Christ-follower, remembers a day, week, month, or more when you were so dialed into His will for your life and His purpose of serving those around you that nothing seemed to matter except His mission.  That joy and satisfaction found in Him is what we all strive to recapture with every new day we walk this journey.  The issue often is, at least for me, I have taken my eyes off the King and am looking around at the circumstances of life that overwhelm me with despair and hopelessness.  If you will be honest with me, many of you sense the same issue in life from time to time as we walk this road.  How do we sustain the closeness?  How do we remain focused on the mission?  How do we stay engaged in the mission? 
Henry Blackaby in Experiencing God shares that we must "orient our lives to God."  I believe that is the key to remaining on mission.  If you and I will arrange our lives in such a way as to see every step we take, every decision we are offered, every conversation we have is orchestrated by the King to further His purposes and His ways for the sake of the mission, well then we will live a life ON MISSION FOR THE KING!  The goal is to focus on Him and His relationship with us as a child of the King serving His agenda in this world for the hope of sharing the truth of His Gospel with everyone we come in contact with.  
I recall the days of revival in the fall of the year and how much of our conversation was about Him.  You see I think we have filled our conversations with things of this world more than the things of the King!  We all have discussed the latest posts or breaking news with more passion than the glorious appearing that is approaching when Jesus comes to get His Bride!  We need to get back to those days where the primary discussions we have are about His purposes and His ways among this world.  We need to talk about what He is doing around us and how He is transforming lives on a daily basis as we walk together in this amazing grace journey of faith. 
So, whose with me?  Let's not look to the situation of this economy, or the shutdown or the status of the market at the moment.  Let us all with a common mind seek to live this day on mission for the King!  Let us seek to love like Jesus would love and serve like Jesus would serve and speak like Jesus would speak with boldness and confidence in the message of the King who is Truth and worthy of all I have to offer Him!  Let us all live a life on mission for the King! 
In His Grip,