(Mrs. Mary investing in lives on the Navajo Rez in New Mexico)

God brings people across our paths every single day.  His purposes are being mapped out in our lives each day we awake and walk this journey.  As these two worlds cross, our daily journey and other peoples' journeys, the Father orchestrates time and occasion for us to INVEST in others.  His plan includes my life intersecting other people in their journey and together His ways being made known and His salvation being shared.  

Many have heard the words from Psalm 67 and been challenged to be involved in Kingdom work.  On a daily basis each of us can see the blessings He is pouring into our lives and the abundance in which He is providing.  We remember these wise words, " May God be gracious to us and bless us and make His face shine upon us..."  Our desire is to find the favor of God in daily life.  We want to be blessed by the Father and have His grace poured out on our lives.  We all long for the warmth of His smile to shower over us the goodness and greatness of the Lord Himself!  What are we to do with all of this amazing grace?
As you begin this new year and set your priorities in order, look to the ways you can INVEST in others.  Investments come in many different shapes and sizes. Our opportunities to invest in other people are no different, many shapes and sizes!  Our willingness to invest time and resources will impact other peoples' lives and will accomplish Kingdom work.  When you set your heart to pour into others and INVEST in their lives for the sake of the Kingdom, that's big "K", the Lord uses your investment in ways that sometimes brings about eternal change in people's lives.  He always uses your investment to improve lives, yet sometimes we see the eternal scope of that investment come to life in the freedom of souls from the bondage of sin!  Your willingness to think about His Kingdom first and INVEST your time and energy and resources in others will fulfill the passage.  "...so that His ways will be made known among all peoples and His salvation among all nations."
The opportunity to participate in His Kingdom work comes as a result of His provision through blessing and grace and favor.  He then invites us to join His work through sharing our resources, our time and our energy by INVESTING in others.  The Spirit of the living God then works through our lives to bring about amazing grace moments in other peoples' lives.  His desire is for us to seek His grace and His blessings and His favor so that in His generosity toward us we will in turn show His ways and His salvation to others as we flesh out the Gospel in our daily lives.  So, who can you INVEST in this week?  How about this month?  How about this year?  Where is the Father calling you to INVEST your time, your resources, your energy?  Who is the Father bringing to mind, even now, that He desire you to INVEST in for the sake of the Kingdom?  
Take some time right now to ask Him to show you who, where, how, when, what?  Seek His Kingdom right now and look for His direction in your daily life.  Ask Him now to show you the people in your path He has orchestrated to be there for you to INVEST in their lives for Kingdom impact.  Start this year off RIGHT by REFRESHING your commitment to Him and seeking to INVEST in Kingdom work through the people around you with your time, your resources and your energy!  If we all will focus on utilizing His blessings to make His ways known and His salvation clear, then we will Reach our world and Teach His Word!
In His Grip,