As we read in Acts the events that unfold of the early church beginning to grow, it is not until persecution forces the believers to leave Jerusalem and GO to the surrounding areas that we see significant growth begin.  It was when the truth of the Gospel message began to spread beyond the Jerusalem church that the power of the Gospel was seen and felt on a grand scale.  The reality of the Gospel was evident in Jerusalem, the hub of all of the Hebrew faith and leadership.  But when the Gospel began to expand beyond the local region and people were willing to GO to places they had not been, that is when the exponential growth began to become a reality!

We are all familiar with, "Go and make disciples of all nations..."  Yet, we see through other passages that this going is multi-facetted.  In Matthew 28 we know that the reference by Jesus is to "as you GO into your daily life," walking this journey daily make disciples.  In Acts 8 we see the Spirit telling Philip to GO to a specific place in order to share the truth of His Word!  And in Acts 13 we see the going of Barnabas and Saul was to several locations to share the truth with people from many communities.  In every occasion of people being sent out to GO into the world with His truth, we see a unique power going with them.  
The Holy Spirit has been promised to be our teacher, comforter, guide and protector.  The power that the Spirit has is the same power that created the world, overcame kings, and dealt with spiritual depravity.  It is this Spirit that beckons us to GO with this amazing truth of the Gospel.  It is this Spirit living within us that motivates and stirs our hearts to reach the lost and care for the saved.  It is this Spirit that pours over us the blessings and provisions of the Father in order to make His ways known and His salvation clear.  It is this Spirit that has called us all to GO!
This new year many things will demand your time.  Many significant events will happen that will cause you to go many places and do many things.  However, none of these things will be as significant as the things the Spirit calls you to GO and do for the Kingdom!  In the spirit of Matthew 28 the Holy Spirit is calling you to GO into your daily life with an expectation of Kingdom work being done and lives being changed by His grace.  In the spirit of Acts 8 the Holy Spirit is calling you to GO to specific places to share and show the Gospel to see Him transform lives with the Gospel.  And in the spirit of Acts 13 the Holy Spirit is leading you to GO to people, places and communities where His name needs to be shared and His ways taught and His salvation proclaimed.  
This year, will you REFRESH your commitment to Him, INVEST your time, resources and energy in others, and GO to follow the Spirit's leading in sharing and showing the Gospel?  How has the Lord led you to GO into your daily journey with His ways and His salvation at the forefront of your daily walk?  Who is the Lord leading you to GO to with His truth to help them be free from sin and learn His ways?  In what ways do you need to adjust your life this year in order to GO with God?  He desires you to follow His Spirit into the world to show His ways and share His salvation.  Now is the time to commit to GO with Him into the field where the lost and struggling world is seeking His truth.  They will only hear if someone preaches and they will only see if someone GOES to show them the way.  Will you GO this year to Reach the world and Teach the Word?  
In His Grip,