He Invited Me!

During the past few weeks I have been searching through the memories of the years I have spent in ministry for those significant spots to reflect on as I walk this journey.  Yes, at my age I begin to reflect a great deal on the past and wonder how much more time I will spend here on this journey.  The thoughts do not come with a sense of regret or disappointment.  In reality they come with great appreciation and amazement!

Where is My Faith?

As long as I can remember I have been involved in the church.  I mean as far back as my memory goes I have memories of being very involved in the church and around the church and impacted by the church.  As a young child I was at church for almost any occasion that was offered.  As a teenager I spent hours and hours hanging out at the church and involved in the activities of the church.  Even in my adult years I have found myself desiring to be around the church and involved in the church even when I did not have to be there.  My life has been immersed in the life of the church.

God Sized Plans

In Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby, one of the concepts that is somewhat of a struggle to realize is that when God begins to show you His plan it often times appears to be so big that it seems impossible!