Who Do You Say That I Am?

We are seeing incredible things on the internet and the news media stories today.  Some of the sights and stories are hard to even believe they are real.  It seems with each passing day more hatred is being poured out upon the followers of Christ around the world.  Every day a new story is emerging about those who want to see the Christians eliminated from the world.  Today will not be any different as we hear reports from around the world of just how much the world hates God and all that He represents in this world!

Bricks and Mortar for Hearts and Lives

The unique relationship between the US faith family and the international faith family is such a joy to be a part of as we share, show and serve together.  The journey of One Way Ministries has been one full of hills and valleys with many memories along the way.  The blessings of the relationships we have encountered and developed along the way are fuel to the fire to reach the world and teach the Word!  It is these relationships that motivate late night prayer times and early morning study of the Word.