Somethings happening in Sajcavilla!

Today was a great day in Sajcavilla.  Many children were able to feel the love of a team who loved them through lots of playing and laughing and teaching.  I have watched smile after smile grow across children’s faces as our team has been the hands and feet of Jesus this week. 

Powerful Prayer and Victory In His Name

The day is long past gone and the night has settled in on us with a cool breeze from the mountains.  The heat of the day was a reminder of the warmth of the Son when He is at work all around us.  Today the Lord reminded me of His awesome power to transform and restore lives through prayer.  All of us who call ourselves Christians say we believe prayer works.  We all talk about prayer being the vital link between us and the God of heaven.  We all would recount stories, whether ours or others in our circle of friends, of God answering prayer with miraculous results.

Daily Life and the Daily Disciplines

Years ago I was able to sit and listen to an amazing man of God speak about his life and how difficult it was to learn the simple lessons of faith.  I recall thinking how crazy it was to hear him say these things, after all he was a great man of faith and his life was an example of that truth.  Many years later I read of his struggles early in his faith journey and I began to really relate.  God used those struggles in his life to teach me important lessons about the daily disciplines of life.

How Big Is Your Sky?

Every year I spend a few weeks in the southwestern part of the country among first nation people.  This year I was able to serve alongside our partners in Tohatchi, New Mexico for a little over two weeks.  I am overwhelmed frequently with many things in this part of the world as the creativity of the Father is seen daily.