New Covenant Old Ways

Any reading of the Old Testament will reveal old ways of doing things.  The old ways were established for many reasons related to the time and place of God's chosen people's journey of faith.  The laws and codes of behavior were clearly given to separate the people from the other people of the land.  This separation was important to the ways and purposes of the Lord as He laid out His plan for redemption.

Don't Forget the Bread!

In a book by Max Lucado, Outlive Your Life,  he shares a story of his journey home one night and his visit to the grocery store.  It seems he has a similar problem as me when in a grocery store.  He recounts his wife asking him to stop by and pick up some bread on his way home.  She interestingly asked if he needed directions to the bread isle in the store.  As he enters the store to pick up bread several other items seem to find their way into the basket before checking out and heading home.

As In The Days of Noah...

After some time listening to many responses to the events of the past week or so, I have felt led to simply share from my observations of the current events that face the Body of Christ.  Over the course of three weeks, or so, we have seen a continual debate grow concerning a particular event in the history of man.  I guess, really this has been going on for far longer than the past few weeks but it has clearly come to the mainstream stage of media and debate recently.