This New Era of Life...

Meghan and Joseph Duckett have been serving with One Way Ministries for several years.  Meghan has been an intern and helped lead in many ways on the field with VBS in various locations, team leadership in a variety of ways in AZ and NM as well as Africa.  And off the field she has been involved with writing TAWG along with Joseph.  Joseph led as a youth pastor on trips with us at first and then after he and Meghan married he has become a vital member of our summer teams leading in a variety of areas from construction to worship.

Day In The Life

As I daily pursue purity and holiness, that is the life of a Christian, I am often reminded how I fall short, so very short! But when I begin to compare myself to someone else, I truly miss the whole point. In the pursuit of holiness and purity, the process of sanctification, I am looking to Christ, and for all of us there is NO comparison! Just one sin in the presence of a holy and glorious God is not permitted. We commit numerous sins each day.

I'd Rather Have Jesus!

There is a day that every one of us approaches in our journey in this life when we realize the overwhelming truth of our lostness before a Holy God who has pronounced His judgment on sin!  Yes this thought is more than we can bear in our own strength.  The fact that the sin in our hearts is enough to send us to hell for eternity.