Are We There Yet?

I recall so many times hearing those words repeated over and over as we drove to our next camp or mission trip as a youth pastor, "are we there yet?"  Then some years later hearing those same words echo from the back seat of our van on our way as a family to visit Georgia, "are we there yet Papa?"  So many of us as parents or those who have worked with young people recall the words and the answers we used to give.  My favorite two as a youth pastor were, "about an inch on the map left to go" and "two more hours!"

How Big Is Your Vision?

Today I was reminded of why I have the best job in all the world! The view from where I sat today is so big it sometimes overwhelms me as I listen to the words being shared and sense the gravity of who is saying them. The Lord has shown great favor over the past several years to connect me and 1Way to some amazing men and women of God.